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"We have been cutting for only about a year now and you taught us so much in one week!"
~ Karen and Wayne Harris, Prosser, WA

"I could not have possibly found a better place to come and learn the basics of cutting and make the transition from polo. If I had not found Leon I do not think I would have continued cutting. "
~ Alison Colquhoun,
Franktown, CO

"What a great environment to be learning in! The 6 or more horses that I rode while I was there were all outstanding and I am forever grateful to them. "
~Benn Watson, Scone,
NSW, Australia

"I worked 70 head of cattle on six horses in 3 days with Leon. I'm amazed at how much we accomplished and feel so much more confident as a cutter after having this experience!"
~ Tricia

"After 4 days with Leon, he completely turned me around and got me back on track!"
 ~Terri Gillat, Boulder, CO



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WatsoB said...
on Thursday, July 8, 2010 5:32 pm

Fantastic DVD!!!
The amount of inspiration and information provided in the two DVDís is just tremendous. I love the way he has simply broken down the sport of cutting into many fun games and interesting manoeuvres while always staying straight to the point. The DVDs were a true pleasure to view and I could have kept watching and listening for many more hours.
Leon is a true horseman and a great teacher.
Well worth a look if you are keen to excel in Cutting!!


Chris Robinson said...
on Monday, July 12, 2010 6:40 pm

What a terrific video, I have watched it over and over again. I learn something new each time I watch it. This is definitely a must if you ever want to enter a cutting show. He walks you through step by step all the way up through the first cutting horse show. How fortunate of me to have found this video, and while you are at it, go visit him in Springtown for one of his clinics. I couldn't believe the progress I made in such a short amount of time.

Cuttoscore74 said...
on Monday, July 12, 2010 7:23 pm

Cutters know it can be chicken one day and feathers the next. If you want to build the foundation that will make you a better cutter, buy the video, watch it and practice! It provides insights and exercises that are key to your improvement. Leon makes the complex simple and the difficult fun. Definitely a keeper!

JR Godwin said...
on Thursday, July 15, 2010 1:25 pm

This is by far the best tape I have found on cutting and horsemanship. A tape that will improve all levels of riders. I use his techniques every day in the training pin and at the show. Leon is a true master. A down to earth man. He has changed the way I ride forever. Best money I ever spent.


June 14, 2010

Hi Mr. Harrel,
We are coming over from Australia to attend the Summer Spectacular and to have a look around. We have your tape "Serious Horseplay For Amateur Cutters". I run a lot of beginner clinics here in Australia and found your DVD is very invaluable to me as far as helping beginners. While we are in the US I would love to meet you and have a talk with you.

Thank you very much, I'm much looking forward to your reply
Ronny Mann

Dear Alex;
I would be glad to recommend the DVD to anyone who would like to learn about a cutting horse. You can immediately see that Leon is a man who cares about his horses and loves to teach people to ride them. He comes across as your next door neighbor who is helping you out on whatever you need. I also very much enjoyed talking to you. I feel like we're old friends. The professional way both of you handle your business is a nice change from today's marketing. I hope to be able to afford to come to Texas in the future and learn from the master.

Thanks for everything


Hi! Alex,
Your DVD arrived yesterday, watched it last night and thought it was one the best I have seen, a lot of good information.

~ Charna Graham
Top Trainers Productions
New South Wales

I have received my dvd thank you, absolutely love it. Watched dvd 2-3 times today while doing the chores. Would love to come to one of your clinics when we get to the USA, your love of your horses and cutting is evident throughout the dvd congratulations.

Best regards,
~ Kerry


Dear Mr. Leon,

I have spent a lot of money on cutting videos trying to learn how to do this, and I have to say that your video is hands down the best I have ever watched. The other videos on the market seem to be aimed more at professional trainers than amateurs, which make them pretty useless to guys like me that just don't know as much as professional trainers do. I always seem worse off and I confuse my horse in the process after I try to follow them. I was amazed at what a great value I got for my money with 2 discs and all that information. Thank you so very much for making yourself available to me and the rest of us affordably, especially in this economy. I watch your video every night, and I keep picking up something new each time. I hope you continue to make more so I can keep learning from the best!

~ Clem Hopper


Just starting out in Cutting myself and fast realizing how much there is to learn, I was very excited to hear that Leon had brought out a new DVD.

I have heard a lot about Leon, and also read his book. This DVD was just perfect for me, it explained the very basics including choice of equipment and goes on to help you with the horsemanship maneuvers as well. It has given me the confidence to join my first Cutting club and to hopefully progress to where I am competent enough to compete. I highly recommend this video, it is very easy to watch and it is a chance to learn from one of the world's best in your very own living room.

~ Lee Woodland Ė Natural Equipment, Australia

Good evening Alex and Leon,

First, the video is better than billed. I played it last night about 4 times. Every time I watched it, I thought - man, this is really good stuff! Leon, you are a true expert and with that stint in California, some the Hollywood magic must have rubbed off on you. I got up this morning, made coffee, opened the DVD case and realized that the case contained two disks. I had reviewed the second disk four times last night.

Now before you fall out of your chair rolling on the floor laughing, I have to tell you I was pretty excited. I had another DVD to study and that made me a very happy guy. About the time I put the video on and started watching, Pammie called. Now it just doesn't get any better than that. You know what I mean about the video - when you meet Pammie you'll know the rest of the story.

My day started off on such a high note that I'm still trying to see the bottom of the clouds. Heck, after watching the first DVD in the set this morning, I even called Sean Ryon's Saddle Shop looking for a Buster Welch Cutter #5 "Leon Harrel " saddle - Yes Leon, I paid attention to the first DVD too:) The smile on your face told me you were as high in the clouds as me when it came to that saddle.

I can't tell you how much we are looking forward to spending time with you. I would love to spend a week or two with you.

My very Best Regards,
~ Alton R. Davis



Boy I wish you could have heard Steve when he was watching the video for review. He loved it so much he was literally "hoopin and hollerin" so to speak.(He gets excited like a little boy on things he likes even at his age).He even referred to Leon as his " New Guru". Then he went straight to the barn to try some of the things he learned from Leon on his own "green broke little rescue horse".

He especially loved how Leon kissed his horse, and talked about owning a pretty horse. (Steve loves to own a pretty horse! Many of his trainer friends tell him it's not important what the horse looks like, nor would they ever kiss their horse). Well Steve kisses his "pretty horse" all the time, HA!

At any rate, want you to know that even though you are an advertiser, our review was done with total honesty, And Steve feels very strong that all horsemen can benefit from this video, not just cutting folks. Congratulations on a great video.

I can't wait myself to watch it an learn some new things. Here is the link to the e-magazine,

http://www.texashorsetalk-emagazine.com/nov08/tx.html the review is on page 40.

~ Vicki Long



Texas Horse Talk editor Steve Long reviews "Serious Horseplay for Amateur Cutters":
"It is jammed packed with invaluable tips you just won't get anywhere else. You don't have to own a cutting horse or even ever have the intention of separating a cow from the herd. You are sure to benefit no matter what your equine sport. This video is a horsemanship essential - period, and end of story."  Here is the link to the E-Magazine, the review is on page 40.

~ Steve Long
Editor, Texas Horse Talk


"I am not new to the horse world but I am new to the cutting world. What I have learned from the cutting part of this DVD alone is a tremendous help in making the transition from non-cutter to cutter much easier. Thanks Alex and Leon for continuing my education."

~ Bill Walton
Manager, Trainer, Instructor


Leon Harrel
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